DAVEE BLOWS tattoo artist since he was 16 , globetrotter, graffiti writer since 1998, one of 3 people ever who have tattooed on all 7 continents. in recent Years (2014~). International tattoo conventions judge (Seoul, Chengu China, Nanning, Taiwan, Singapore, Poland, Panama…) . Before becoming judge, Davee as a Young contester got over 30 international tattoo awards from Paris and Moscow to Tokyo, all for Davee’s unique style. 

Davee had 2 solo art shows so far, partnered with legendary streetwear brand Mishka Nyc – in booth New York (2014) and Los Angeles (2015) ; London is next! His paintings were shown in group shows at galleries and exhibitions all over the world from San Diego to Melbourne. 

100panthers is Davee’s icon. Davee collaborated with fashion/street wear brands from japanese Evisu, american Mishka to famous polish clothing brand Prosto. His designs are worn from streets to fashion shows all-over the place. Jackets, T-shirts, Bags and even wallets are in davees design portfolio.

A panther head as a tribute to classic western tattoos, first made by Don Ed Hardy in San Francisco in 70s. After meeting with legendary Ed Hardy ,Davee been blessed by Don and a panther was passed to carry into new dimensions by original panther father. Large tattoos, covering most of body is a Davee’s favorite. He spend years going back to Japan and studied under most recognizable tattoo masters the secrets of japanese classic tattooing.

Traveller at heart, getting around 80-90 flights a year- Davee stay fly . 

His trademark #100panthers #100backpieces #100hannyas #100tigers #100fronts and culinary one 🙂 #100ramens . 

From Buenos Aires to Auckland- Davee unique approach has brought thousands of people to world wide team #100panthers . Won’t stop.